A Practical Guide Using Multiport S-Parameters to Enhance Signal Integrity

Hyperscale data centres are a critical component of today’s internet infrastructure. This architecture requires extreme bandwidth over everything copper and demands next-level design techniques and analysis tools in the signal integrity lab.

Join us as we clarify how to achieve the highest practical signal integrity (SI) of the physical layer by analyzing an example channel with mixed-mode S-parameters, eye diagram, time-domain reflectometry (TDR), and single pulse response in both simulation and measurement.

A case study for PCI express will illustrate the usage of IBIS-AMI models with equalization on both the transmitter and receiver. After fabricating and measuring the example channel, SI analyses will be shown to illustrate the importance of a robust SI measurement and simulation workflow.

If you are new to signal integrity, this session will give you a head start on your signal integrity journey, including complimentary example files for your continued learning. For experienced SI engineers, this presentation is an excellent refresher on the fundamental SI analyses and concepts in both simulation and measurement.

Here, you will learn how to:

  • Apply the latest signal integrity design techniques and analysis tools
  • Achieve the highest practical signal integrity in both simulation and measurement
  • Perform PCI express transmitter and receiver test using IBIS-AMI models with equalization

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