Can Your Students Test and Analyze Remotely?

Empower Your Students with a Remote Lab

As an engineering educator, you want to provide your students with the best skillsets for success in the real-world. This requires giving them hands-on experience.

Now, you can empower your students to test, analyze, and share results collaboratively — whether they are in the lab or not.

A productive teaching lab will be optimized for hybrid learning, provide modern test capabilities, and be easy to use. Features you want to look for include:

  • professional-grade tools: Look for a complete portfolio of products designed for the teaching lab that offer the functionality students need to test and analyze. Instruments with a common user interface and software will make the equipment easy to use and increase productivity.
  • remote connectivity and collaboration: A connected test bench makes it easy to configure instruments, operate them from the same PC screen, capture data, and share results with peers.
  • easy management and setup of equipment: Lab management software will help you easily configure lab layout, set instrument configurations, monitor the status of equipment, and perform mass firmware updates with a single click.

See how you can empower your engineering students with modern workbenches that enable seamless productivity — anytime, anywhere. It may be easier than you think.