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Raspberry Pi DIYs

A collection of innovative and useful Raspberry Pi-based projects.

Controlling Stepper Motor Using Rotary Encoder

Electronics Projects: Controlling a Stepper Motor Using a Rotary Encoder

Presented here is a project for controlling stepper motor using rotary encoder. It consists of a Raspberry Pi (Raspi) board, 5-pin rotary encoder, 5V stepper motor and an L293D motor driver....
Hospital Sanitization robot

UV Robot

Sanitizing hospital rooms with human effort is not an easy task. It increases the chances of contracting infection, leading to further spread of harmful microorganisms The UV sanitization robot uses the power...

Face Tracking and Movement Following Drone

We all must have seen a drone and some of us might have even operated one. Most of the drones available in the market are operated manually either with the help...

Suspicious Activity Tracking AI Camera

Tracking and detecting suspicious activity is one of the most demanding tasks for many security personnel and systems. If a security system fails in places like airports and banks, then criminals...
USB camera on raspberry pi

Capturing Images with USB Camera, Wi-Fi and Raspberry Pi

Ever since this tiny, credit-card-sized computer, Raspberry Pi, appeared in the market, it has caught the imagination of every electronics and computer hobbyist around the world. The powerful Linux operating system...
Taking up Electronics as a Hobby To Redefine Indian Engineering

Hand-Picked ECE Projects You Must Try

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Students and Enthusiasts are always searching for new projects to try out in their free time. They are also constantly searching for a good reference for...

Surveillance Camera Using RaspiCam And Android App

This project describes how to build a surveillance camera based on Raspberry Pi (Raspi) that records HD video only when something moves in the monitored area. Live feed can be viewed...
Raspberry Pi 4 Projects

Network Storage with Raspberry Pi

An always-on network backup device accessible to a computer from both outside and inside the network is a highly desirable thing. As the system will always be on, power consumption is...
robot controlled via web server using Raspberry pi 2

Web Server using Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi is a small credit-card sized computer capable of performing various functionalities. It is heavily used in surveillance systems, military applications, etc. Several generations of Raspberry Pi’s have been released...

Smart Door Camera with Facial Recognition Feature for Thermal Screening

In these times of COVID-19, it is essential to go through thermal screening for checking one’s body temperature before entering any premises. However, it is a tiring process as it involves...

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