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Hand-Picked ECE Projects for Electronics Engineers

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Students and Enthusiasts are always searching for new projects to try out in their free time. They are also constantly searching for a good reference for their final-year projects.

So, in this article, we have compiled a list of top ECE projects for Electronics Engineers. You can click on the project name to know more about that particular ECE project.

Raspberry Pi-based ECE Projects 

Raspberry Pi based ECE Projects 
1. X-Ray-Based Quick COVID-19 Detection With Raspberry Pi
2. Face Tracking and Movement Following Drone
3. Make Video streaming with Raspberry Pi
4. Multi-Language Voice Control IOT Home Automation
5. IoT Face Recognition AI Robot
6. New Facial Recognition Smart Glasses For Visually Challenged Persons
7. Raspberry Pi Real-Time Face Recognition Doorbell
8. Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Speaker Audio Streaming System
9. Python-Based Species Classification Wireless Camera
10. Live Streaming Using Raspberry Pi Development Board
11. Smart Receptionist With Smartlock System
12. Time-Lapse Photography With Raspberry Pi 3
13. Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi
14. IoT Projects: Wireless Video Surveillance Robot using Raspberry Pi
15. Smart Digital Calendar That Tells You Live News From EFY
16. Crowd Detection Camera To Prevent COVID-19
17. RFID and Face Recognition-Based Smart Attendance System
18. Raspberry Pi Based SMS Serve
19. Raspberry Pi server

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Communication-based ECE Projects

Communication-based ECE Projects
1. PC-Based GPS Receiver
2. ESP32 (Non-Standard) GPS Receiver
3. Designing FM Receiver Using GNU Radio and RTL-SDR Dongle
4. Aircraft Signal Receiver Using RTL-SDR and DUMP1090
5. RF-Based 12-Bit Signal Transmitter And Receiver
6. Noise Muting FM Receiver
7. IR music transmitter and receiver
8. ESP32 Cam-Based Smart Bluetooth Lock
9. Remote Health Monitoring With BLE Capability For COVID-19 Doctors
10. Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Speaker Audio Streaming System
11. Smart GPS Geofencing System
12. COVID-19 Fencing System & Contact Traceability
13. Bluetooth-Based Smart Public Announcement Board
14. Smart GPS Tracker Using Arduino
15. GSM-based Cellular IoT Home Automation
16. SMS-Based Smart Notice Board
17. RFID And Face Recognition-Based Smart Attendance System
18. Design IoT Mesh Enabled Environment Monitoring Device
19. OTP-Based Smart Wireless Locking System Using Arduino
20. Smart Wireless Water Meter With Web DB IoT Projects 
21. Digital Car Turning and Braking Indicator

Robotics-based ECE Projects

Robotics based ECE projects
1. IoT-based Face Recognition AI Robot
2. Object Finder Robot
3. Hospital Sanitizing Robot
4. Make This Joystick-Controlled Robot
5. Colour Sensing Robot with MATLAB
6. Arduino based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car
7. Make Your Own Remote-Controlled Robot
8. Soccer Robot
9. Make Joystick RF-Controlled Robot
10. Want to Build Your Own Self-Balancing Robot?
11. Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi
12. Simple Line Follower Robot Using LM358
13. Wireless Control of Robotic Car Through MATLAB GUI
14. Simple Obstacle-Avoiding Robot
15. Control Robotic Car With Voice
16. Hacking Bluetooth Headset To Control A Robot
17. Build A Clap- And Gesture-Controlled Robot
18. Arduino-Controlled Namaste Greeting Robot
19. Fire Extinguishing Robot
20. IoT Projects: Wireless Video Surveillance Robot using Raspberry Pi
21. Controlling A Robotic Car Through MATLAB GUI
22. Arduino Projects: RF-Controlled Robot
23. Wi-Fi Controlled Robot Using Arduino UNO And Blynk
24. Automated Line Follower Robot
25. Simple Line-Following Robot
26. Gesture-Controlled Robot

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Sensor-based ECE Project Ideas

Sensor based ECE Projects
1. Automatic Contactless Switch For Smart Home
2. Smart Door Camera with Facial Recognition Feature for Thermal Screening
3. DIY Vibration Sensor
4. Pressure Sensors on Railway Tracks
5. Ultra-Low-Power Sensor Hub Using nRF24L01 Modules
6. PIN Diode-Based Fire Sensor
7. Simple Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm
8. Smart Wireless Water Meter With Web DB IoT Projects
9. Electronics Projects: Low-Cost LPG Leakage Detector
10. Sending Real-Time Sensor Data Through e-Mail
11. Arduino Projects: Fingerprint Door Unlock System
12. Low-Cost Dusk-Dawn Controller
13. MicrocoElectronic Card Lock for Appliances
14. Earthquake Indicator Using Arduino
15. How to Build a Lid-Monitoring Sensor Module
16. Door-Opening Alarm Using Hall Sensor
17. Infrared Sensor-Based Power Saver
18. Turn Your Phone Into IR Contactless Thermometer
19. Digital Pressure Gauge
20. Cheapest Digital Altimeter
21. Cheapest Touchless Water Dispenser
22. LDR Plus GSM-Based Security System
23. Smart Car Back Camera And Collision Protection
24. Smart Inclinometer & Multi-Purpose Measurement Device
25. Smart Wearable Bluetooth Fitness tracker
26. Noise Detector with Automatic Recording System Using Arduino With The IoT
27. RTC Automatic Electronic Ring Bell
28. Smart Blood Oxygen And Heart Rate Monitor With Automatic Data Saving System

Medical and Health-based ECE Projects

Health Monitoring Electronics Project
1. Smart Blood Oxygen And Heart Rate Monitor With Automatic Data Saving System
2. Corona COVID-19 Detection Device
3. Remote Health Monitoring With BLE Capability For COVID-19 Doctors
4. Raspberry Pi-Based COVID-19 Ventilator and Health Monitoring Device
5. Corona COVID-19 Detection Device
6. Smart Wearable Bluetooth Fitness tracker

Looking for more ECE projects for engineering students? We’ve got you covered. Explore a wide range of project topics in our Electronics Projects section.

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This article was first published on 20 September 2020 and recently updated on August 2023.


  1. Hi friends
    I have studied all the projects which are published above I am very happy to know about them.
    Well I have an idea to save the life’s of people. Let us warn them about their life’s.We can introduce an app to their mobiles that we can know a person using a mobile while driving or not.Many people lost their life’s due to this and their families becoming helpless.Let us help to the government in catching this kind of people and warn them.This may help the public to know about the value of their life.

  2. Hi EYF Team
    Thank you very much for your valuable information. I am parent of an ECE student. I am searching for a good idea. Your site threw enough light on these projects. I had a doubt. Can my child select one of the idea’s from these and take up the project . Will it be considered for publishing as it is not my child’s own idea.


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