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Vicor cool-power

PI352x Buck Regulator: Enabling Scalable Power Options

Vicor has extended the Cool-Power 48V ZVS 20A Buck Regulator portfolio by releasing the PI3523-00-LGIZ (PI3523). The PI352x family offers 20A solutions complementing the previously released 10A 48VIN PI354x family, enabling...

Introduction To Arduino Development Board

An introduction to the Arduino platform with some examples and links. Arduino Lecture 1 - Introducing the Arduino from Eoin Brazil

Platform To Simplify Software Development For Multi-Core Project Workflow

Infineon's ModusToolbox 3.0 can accelerate software development in multi-core project workflow and reduce time-to-market. Screenshot of the Modustoolbox 3.0 user interface (Source: Infineon) Software development is becoming more and more complex as multicore...


Are you a student of electronics engineering? If so, perhaps you have been exposed to the preliminary levels of integrated circuits (ICs) involving small-scale integration (SSI) circuits like logic gates or...

Retrofit LED Tubes For Energy-Efficient Lighting

LED tube lights consume about 60 per cent less power than their conventional counterparts If you still use incandescent or fluorescent tube lights in your office, it is time you switch...
gary explains snapdragon 845

Introduction to Snapdragon 845

The new Snapdragon 845 for your smartphone is an upgrade to Snapdragon 835. It has lots of extra features, as well as faster performance. Want to know more? Watch this video...
How Google Search Engine Works

How Google Search Engine Works

We all witness every day how incredibly Google enables us to access a specific piece of information. But do you know how Google is able to offer matching search results out...

Isolated Power Supply Control ICs for Industrial Inverters

Photocoupler-less or auxiliary winding contributes to greater miniaturization, power savings, and reliability ROHM has recently announced the availability of isolated flyback-type DC/DC converter control ICs for inverters in high power industrial equipment...

Useful Tools and Easy Project Management Suites

Semicode OS Linux platform users can use many different tools for various purposes. Semicode OS is a Linux distribution that provides them a complete development ecosystem. It uses the 14.04 Ubuntu repositories...

CRC And Increased Integration Among Other Features In The DesignWare DDR4 IP

Synopsys, Inc. recently announced DesignWare DDR4 IP to expand memory capacity for high-performance cloud computing systems while improving reliability, accessibility and serviceability (RAS). The DDR IP supports advanced error correcting code (ECC), which...

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