Smart Touch Display Multi-Door Doorbell System

Smart Touch Display Multi-Door Doorbell System

Technology is advancing daily and everything is turning smarter. A number of traditional devices that we used at our homes are becoming smarter now, including the doorbells which are also evolving...

Noise Detector For Silence Zone Area

Please Keep Silence! You must have seen this message written in places like library and office. But some people intentionally or unintentionally tend to make noise in such silence zone areas,...

Accelerometer based Wireless 3D Air Mouse With Arduino

We have seen different types of Human Interface Devices (HIDs), for example mouse and keyboard. In older versions of computer mouse, optical sensors were used to detect movement relative to a...

Smart Programable OLED Badge

You might have seen and used badges with various logos and smiles. But have you ever seen any electronic badge? In this project, we are going to make a Programable OLED Display...

OTP Based Smart Wireless Locking System Using Arduino

In this project, we are going to make a smart OTP-based locking system as you can see in (Fig. 1). This smart lock can generate a new password every time you...

Smart Wireless Water Meter With Web DB IoT Projects

As water consumption and wastage increases day by day, water scarcity has become a growing concern around the globe. While some irresponsible people are overusing water and wasting it daily, a...

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