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Projects published below, have NOT been tested at Electronics For You Labs. But, that does not mean that they don’t work.

We invite YOU to try and test them, and share your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

We will be happy to recognise the good ones via Certificate of Recognition and a Surprise Gift, on a weekly basis….

ping pong game using arduino

Arduino Ping Pong Game

Ping Pong was the first ever video game that reached mass market. For the first time in history, the concept of a “video game” was brought into the family home, thanks...
robot controlled via web server using Raspberry pi 2

Web Server using Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi is a small credit-card sized computer capable of performing various functionalities. It is heavily used in surveillance systems, military applications, etc. Several generations of Raspberry Pi’s have been released...
ports on the board

ATM Machine using RFID and GSM

The main objective is to design a MODEL ATM machine using RFID and GSM technologies. Here we design a model of how really ATM machine works, with some limited features. Also...
Magnet Operated Toggle Switch

Magnet Operated Toggle Switch

When the author decided to develop a magnet operated toggle switch, what he had had in mind was an ‘unorthodox’ design that was as simple and sensitive as possible. Admit it,...
reaction time game author prototype

Reaction Time Game

This  reaction time game tests the time taken by two players to react, and declare the fastest one as a winner. To do this I am using external interrupts and pin...

Intelligent Speech Recognition System for Assisted Living

Speech Recognition is an important user interface enhancement for a variety of devices, ranging from smartphones, voice-controlled entertainment devices in the living room to hands-free conversing in automobiles. The idea behind...
Geolocation using ESP8266

Location using ESP8266 | Geolocation Without GPS Module

Yes it's possible to get the location with just our tiny little ESP8266 board. We don't need anything other then ESP board not even GPS module to get our live co-ordinates....
visual and audible monitor for electronic interfaces

Visual and Audible Monitor for Electronic Interfaces

Most of the modern PCs and embedded systems have digital interfaces as RS232, printer ports, LIN, etc. for exchanging of commands and data with intelligent peripherals. Figure 1 is showing typical...
smart stick using arduino circuit diagram

Smart Stick Using Arduino Uno: Aiding The Visually Impaired

Obstacle detection is one of the major concerns for a fully or a partially blind person (e.g. person suffering from night-blindness, cataracts, glaucoma, albinism or injury). Presented here is a smart...

Stopwatch Using 7805IC

Most of the laboratories and educational institutions in need of accurate stopwatches for precision time measurement and this kind of devices are rare and costly. Here this simple DIY project focuses...

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